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About Aspendale

This website is dedicated to collecting those strange little tales, poems, letters and rambling that arise from Aspendale, a third edition dungeons and dragons roleplaying game. Also known as 'The Lost Elves' campaign, due to its primary quest, Aspendale runs on every Thursday night in the house of one of its players.

This site is designed not only to allow us to record histories and names in a place where we can desperately print out required information prior to a game, but to bloat our egos.

The game is run by Keith Ealanta, who is our Games Master. Ethne the Human is played by Daniel Pittman, Phaedra the Halfling by Jess Tuckerman, Mara the True Elf by Shakira Searle, Sicarius the Half-Elf by Tim Hamilton, and Ilya the Dwarf by Ceredwyn Ealanta.

As such, we can all be contacted by mailing the Adventurers address above. Please tell us what you think of our demented but enjoyable gaming experience.

Aspendale was last updated on Tuesday the 5th of June.